Modern Modeling Methods (M3) Conference

We are pleased to announce that you will have the chance to hear about Onyx in the Modern Modeling Methods (M3) Conference, which takes place May 20-21. Find more information on their website: Deadline for registration is Friday, May 9. Timo von Oertzen will present on Onyx as part of the symposium on “Exploring the lavaan ecosystem: Packages to extend the capability of lavaan”. We are looking forward to meeting you there!


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Ωnyx now comes with Chi-Square, TLI, and SRMR

We are happy to deliver a new Ωnyx, today, which includes a set of standard fit indices for Structural Equation Models: Chi-Square, RMSEA, CFI, TLI, SRMR, AIC(c) and BIC. The indices can be found in the context menu “Estimation -> Show Estimate Summary”.


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Ωnyx (version 0.9-712) imports SPSS files

After a brief slowdown, we are now back to developing Ωnyx with full throttle. Today, we’d like to present you a new version (0.9-712) that is able to import IBM’s SPSS files directly into Ωnyx. This will save SPSS users an extra step of exporting their files to a text file. Just drag your SPSS file (*.sav) onto the Ωnyx desktop and start modeling your data immediately! The SPSS import is restriced to numeric variables and is not fully tested but should work for most non-esoteric SPSS files. Still, we decided to roll out this feature but issue a reminder to compare summary statistics of imported variables between Ωnyx and SPSS to make sure that variables were imported correctly.

Moreover, we have fixed a couple of annoying bugs. Among the fixed problems are variance paths that sometimes appeared to be lost in the graph, problems with the undo function and problems with pasting model parts if the mouse was outside the model panel.

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Version 0.9-700 released

In the mean time, we have given a couple of workshops on Ωnyx and received many helpful comments on how to improve our program. With this release, we have included several bugfixes for problems reported by our great community of fans. Fixed issues include rendering problems of the graph, corrections to exported model scripts, and many other things.

For  no good reason, I attach to this post a picture of a change score model that we have created in Ωnyx.

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The model’s new clothes

We are happy to announce our latest release of Onyx. It comes with a bag of new visual manipulations for models, which make Onyx even better at preparing your model for publication in print and on screen. We now provide pre-made styles that can be applied to change the visual appearance of a model with a single click. Among them are the styles Dahlem, Schöneberg, and Neukölln (all named after districts of Berlin):

The diagrams display a latent differential equation model in three different styles. In Onyx, choose “customize graph -> style -> …” to change the style of a model. Alternatively, CTRL+L will cycle through the available model styles.


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Onyx has PDF and EPS vector graphic export

We are happy to announce that Onyx provides native PDF and EPS vector graphic support. This allows you to export lossless vector graphic representations of models for print. We are grateful to Erich Seifert who provides the VectorGraphics2D package for JAVA that made this possible.

Furthermore, we changed the context menus slightly to improve consistency. Variables and paths can now be created with links in the menu; the click and double-click actions for variable and path creation are meant as shortcuts to these menu items. Also, we included a preliminary version of a tip-of-the-day-dialog that is supposed to help you learn more shortcuts and features of Onyx over the time. We are looking forward to your feedback!

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It’s all about edges!

We proudly present a new release of Onyx. We have improved the user interface by making edges (paths) selectable. Also, covariances are rendered by Bézier curves that can by fully controlled by users (see green control points in illustration below). This gives you extra freedom in  making larger diagrams readable. Additionally, edges can have different stroke widths and labels can have different font sizes.

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Onyx supports lavaan and PNG export

We are happy to announce that the latest release of Onyx can export lavaan scripts. The script export is not yet perfect but we were able to successfully export a couple of test models to lavaan. Also, we added support for Portable Network Graphics (PNG) images that have a higher quality than compressed JPEG images. Attached to this post, you will find two screenshots of models with activated live code view for lavaan.



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User guide updated

We have updated the user guide, which can be downloaded in the documentation section. Still, many features that already are included in Onyx are missing in this guide, including definition variables and multi-group modeling. We are sorry and made the revision of our guide our new year’s resolution.

happy new year!

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Tutorial videos updated

We are happy to present updates to all our tutorial videos, which we recreated with the latest version of Onyx (0.9-588). You can find the videos in the documentation section of our website:

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