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Fit indices for missing data (chi^2, RMSEA, CFI)

Great news! It took us long enough but we finally have implemented chi^2 and derived fit statistics for missing data. Ωnyx now separately estimates the log-likehood of the saturated model when data have missing values. So, we finally can offer

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Mint and Camouflage

We are happy to release another update of Ωnyx with bug fixes and a couple of new features (see section Downloads for the latest version). Primarily, we fixed a couple of GUI-related problems with copy&paste and drag&drop, particularly so with definition

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Maintenance Update

We are happy to announce a maintenance release of Ωnyx 1.0. We are grateful for your positive feedback, which allowed us removing a couple of bugs in the former version. Particularly, we must mention that there were problems reported concerning

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New Video Tutorials: Multiple Group Factor Models and Transactional Models

We are happy to share with you two new video tutorials recorded by Prof. Timothy Curby (website; twitter). The videos show how multiple group factor analysis and transactional models can be done in Ωnyx. They are freely available on youtube:

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Out now: Structural Equation Modeling with Ωnyx

We are happy to announce the online publication of our manuscript soon to be published in Structural Equation Modeling: A Multidisciplinary Journal. We are allowed to share 50 online copies of it for free on a first come first serve

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Version 0.9-700 released

In the mean time, we have given a couple of workshops on Ωnyx and received many helpful comments on how to improve our program. With this release, we have included several bugfixes for problems reported by our great community of fans. Fixed

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The model’s new clothes

We are happy to announce our latest release of Onyx. It comes with a bag of new visual manipulations for models, which make Onyx even better at preparing your model for publication in print and on screen. We now provide

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Onyx has PDF and EPS vector graphic export

We are happy to announce that Onyx provides native PDF and EPS vector graphic support. This allows you to export lossless vector graphic representations of models for print. We are grateful to Erich Seifert who provides the VectorGraphics2D package for

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It’s all about edges!

We proudly present a new release of Onyx. We have improved the user interface by making edges (paths) selectable. Also, covariances are rendered by Bézier curves that can by fully controlled by users (see green control points in illustration below).

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Onyx supports lavaan and PNG export

We are happy to announce that the latest release of Onyx can export lavaan scripts. The script export is not yet perfect but we were able to successfully export a couple of test models to lavaan. Also, we added support for

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