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Cinema Theme & Font Colors

Hey everyone, it’s been a little quite around Onyx last year. We apologise and we hope that you all still enjoy Onyx. The other day, my colleague Sarah asked me, how one could change the font color on path labels.

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A tutorial on Latent Change Score modeling for developmental cognitive neuroscience

Check out this new preprint: A tutorial on Latent Change Score modeling for developmental cognitive neuroscience, using Ωnyx and lavaan: It also includes a Shiny app to simulate data: And a full code repository:

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Latent Factor Score Estimation

Today, we are proud to release another update to Ωnyx. The latest version allows you to obtain latent factor scores. You can find this new feature in the model’s context menu Estimation -> Obtain Latent / Missing Scores. Choosing this option

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New Chapter on Ωnyx in “Health Science Statistics using R and R Commander”

We are happy to announce the publication of Robin Beaumont’s book “Health Science Statistics using R and R Commander” (Scion Publishing; ISBN 9781907904318, which has a whole chapter on Ωnyx. We feel honored and are excited about the daily growing Ωnyx community out there.

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Ωnyx 1.0

We are happy to announce the release of Ωnyx 1.0. We are grateful for your positive feedback throughout the development process.   Among the new features in this release are: – improved optimization engine – external runners allowing to run

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Modern Modeling Methods (M3) Conference

We are pleased to announce that you will have the chance to hear about Onyx in the Modern Modeling Methods (M3) Conference, which takes place May 20-21. Find more information on their website: Deadline for registration is Friday, May 9. Timo von

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Ωnyx now comes with Chi-Square, TLI, and SRMR

We are happy to deliver a new Ωnyx, today, which includes a set of standard fit indices for Structural Equation Models: Chi-Square, RMSEA, CFI, TLI, SRMR, AIC(c) and BIC. The indices can be found in the context menu “Estimation -> Show Estimate

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Ωnyx (version 0.9-712) imports SPSS files

After a brief slowdown, we are now back to developing Ωnyx with full throttle. Today, we’d like to present you a new version (0.9-712) that is able to import IBM’s SPSS files directly into Ωnyx. This will save SPSS users an

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Tutorial videos updated

We are happy to present updates to all our tutorial videos, which we recreated with the latest version of Onyx (0.9-588). You can find the videos in the documentation section of our website:

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