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    I am a new SEM and Onyx user with a reasonably good understanding of the basics by now.
    I have created a model in Onyx, managed to specify relationships between latent and observed variables, freed and fixed parameters and have checked various indicators of model fit.
    However, I would like to know how I can fully standardise my model.
    I have seen the option to “z-transform” individual variables.
    I am unsure whether I should simply z-transform all my variables so that all coefficients in the model will be standardised (for example, covariances will turn into correlations)? Or is there a different way to do this?
    I have also seen the introduction of constants to standardise latent variables, but to be honest, at this point I am not sure of the role of constants in SEM.
    I would be very grateful for a reply regarding model standardisation. Any comments regarding the use of constants in SEM would also be greatly appreciated.

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