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    I would very much like to suggest adding keyboard shortcuts for cycling through estimates one by one.

    Accessing the 9 best fitted estimates through ALT–1 through ALT–9 is great, but I find myself in need to sieve through a trove of results. Accessing them through a sub-sub-submenu is not only extremely cumbersome, it is (at least on macOS) plain impossible, since, if said submenu contains more items than vertically fit on the screen, it won’t scroll. You can ARROW-UP/ARROW-DOWN through the whole list, but you cannot activate a selected estimate by keyboard (through ENTER, RETURN, TAB, or SPACE) — at least, again, on the Mac you can’t.

    So I’d suggest adding shortcuts like ALT–MINUS and ALT-EQUALS, or ALT–COMMA and ALT-DOT to cycle through the whole list of estimates forward and backward.
    It might also be helpful, if it were possible to activate estimates from the “Show All Runners” panel (which for orientation purposes could conceivably sport an extra identifier column).


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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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