I get this error: “Could not create the Java virtual machine.”

In case you cannot start Onyx, it is likely that you either don’t have the Java, particularly, the Java Runtime Environment (JRE), installed or you have an old version of it installed.
Running Onyx with older versions of JRE (older than 1.6) result in the error “Could not create the Java virtual machine.”. You can obtain your JRE version by typing (in the terminal):
java -version

In either case, please update to a more recent version of JAVA:
Download Java

If you want to particularly install Java 6, you find the packages here:
Download JAVA 6


If you are running Mac OS 10.5 or older, it is possible that you may get this error even though you may have updated Java. Java for earlier versions of Mac OS is supported by Apple; please run the Apple updates on your machine to update java to the latest version.

Then, go to Applications –> Java Preferences, and move java SE 6 to the top. You should be able to run Onyx smo

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