You can download the most recent version of Ωnyx for Windows, Mac OSX, and Unix/Linux here:


 Stable release
Ωnyx (Version 1.0-937) Last update: 18th November 2015
Developer release
Ωnyx (Version 1.0-972)  Last update: 10th May 2017


Ωnyx requires the JAVA runtime environment (version 1.6 or later). If you haven’t installed JAVA, please download a recent version here.

The Ωnyx is provided under the Onyx license.


Previous versions (not recommended):

Ωnyx (Version 1.0-953)

Ωnyx (Version 1.0-932)

Ωnyx (Version 1.0-926)

Ωnyx (Version 1.0-911)